Littlebitz Pony Farm

2009 Foals Page                     

Littlebitz Oh Me Oh My                        

Jet Foaled!!  on 3/15/09 she had a beautiful bay colt with 4 stockings and a wide snip! This little boy has natural action and will be an excellent show ring or herd sire prospect. He will be available once he is weaned.

Littlebitz Duramax                            


Alexandria foaled a nice black colt with a small star on 3/20/09. He has a nice head and hooky little ears. I can't wait to see what he looks like when he is done unfolding!

Littlebitz American Powerstroke               

   Star gave us on 4/8/09 a beautiful bay colt! He has a very refined head and action to spare! This little guy is going to follow in his big sister's (Littlebitz Agenda) footsteps!  He will make an excellent show prospect or herd sire.

***Congratulations to Jimmy and Kelly of Wills Point on their acquisition of Littlebitz American Powerstroke!


Littlebitz The Whole Shebang               


On 4/25/09 Nate foaled this beautiful black colt. We have decided to keep this colt for Brian to play with in the show ring and eventually drive.